Blue Beautifly

Blue Beautifly

Made with the highest quality and concentrated natural, but simple, ingredients and preparation methods, Blue Beautifly products enhance the natural beauty of skin and hair botanically. We strive to bring the true value of our raw botanicals to your skin and hair without using complex chemicals to manipulate the texture, color, or fragrance of our products.

We formulate our products with the highest quality plant-based ingredients using the most advanced research findings and manufacturing processes.  We are determined to produce the purest and most effective products on the market.

At Blue Beautifly, we are bewildered why some rely on harmful chemicals that need to be tested on animals for safety instead of using the abundant natural resources that hold the real (and only) secrets to true and lasting beauty.  With utmost conviction, we promise to produce our products with ingredients that are patented by Mother Nature, not corporate conglomerates, to reveal your skin’s natural and vibrant beauty.  Therefore, expect nothing but Vegan and Organic ingredients in our products.

We refuse to use the following ingredients:

• No Artificial Colors

• No Synthetic Fragrances

• No Chemical Preservatives

• No Phenoxyethanol

• No Formaldehyde

• No Parabens

• No Mineral Oils

• No Petrochemicals

• No Aluminum

• No Silicones

• No Polyethylene Glycols (PEGs)

• No Polypropylene Glycols (PPGs)

• No Diethanolamines (DEAs/MEAs)

• No Sulfates

• No Talc

At Blue Beautifly, our mission is to foster beautiful and healthy skin and hair by developing innovative products made with botanical, organic, non-GMO, fair trade, and cruelty-free ingredients for women and men with well being of our planet in mind.

20% of profits are donated to causes for advancing the well being of disadvantaged women and children around the world.

Organic Rose Toner blue beautifly

Organic Rose Toner blue beautifly

Soothes and RenewsOrganic Rose Toner freshens and energizes the skin with the nourishing and revital..


Pure Organic Argan Oil blue beautifly

Pure Organic Argan Oil blue beautifly

Moisturizes and HarmonizesPure Organic Argan Oil boosts health and restores the skin’s natural lumin..


Sage Deodorant blue beautifly

Sage Deodorant blue beautifly

Deodorizes and FreshensSage Deodorant combats odor-causing elements and conditions the skin naturall..


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