Natural is Better. Certificates: Natrue and ECOGRUPPO (Italy).


Founded in 1988, the strong attraction for the old traditions guided us to the search for natural solutions.

The company is able to produce in its own plantation the most important organic ingredients, for the cosmetic production.

Organic Aloe Vera 

- Reinvigorates tired and senescent skins

- Takes on a protective and decongestant action on the skin

- Fights against free radicals and against cutaneous ageing 

- Favourites the skin hydration process 

- Makes the skin smooth and velvet-like 

Organic Olive Oil

- Reduces cell degeneration, providing a visible skin renewal

- It increases the skin elasticity by protecting the skin from stretch marks

- It protects the skin even in case of extreme weather conditions

- Anti-aging action (against free radicals)

- It helps to reduce the look of wrinkles and expression lines

- Improves vitality and wellbeing of body and skin

Organic Wheat Germ oil

- It helps the body and skin to fight against the signs of aging

- It gives a strong natural antioxidant action

- Rich in Vitamin E, important for skin elasticity


- It develops a powerful antioxidant action

- It helps to fight skin aging 

- It helps to reduce the signs of aging on the skin (skin patches) 

- It protects against UV rays

Deo roll-on Naturalis

Deo roll-on Naturalis

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Easy Lifting Serum Naturalis

Easy Lifting Serum Naturalis

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Hand Сream Naturalis

Hand Сream Naturalis

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Organic Body Lotion Naturalis

Organic Body Lotion Naturalis

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Organic Extreme 24/7 Cream Naturalis

Organic Extreme 24/7 Cream Naturalis

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Organic Face Milk Naturalis

Organic Face Milk Naturalis

Naturalis Face Milk gives wellness to the skin already during the cleansing, making it immediately c..


Organic Face Scrub Naturalis

Organic Face Scrub Naturalis

Face Scrub is a precious face treatment containing organic active ingredients and natural microspher..


Organic Face Tonic Naturalis

Organic Face Tonic Naturalis

The daily use of cleanser is fundamental for a deep and concrete facial cleansing from impurities to..


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